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The Unusual Life Story of Charlize Theronís daughter, Jackson Theron
By Leah Leinkram - March 8, 2021

Charlize Theron is known for many things, like being one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, to being an outspoken and talented actress, who is not afraid to voice her opinion. Recently, Charlize has opened up a little more candidly about her daughter, Jackson. Here is the unusual tale of Jackson Theronís life.

Little is known about Charlize Theron

We see her name being credited on the big screen and we know from interviews that she is personable, comical and beautiful, but other than that, we feel like not many people know too much about Charlize Theron.  It may not even be known by many people that the actress was actually born in a place called Bononi in South Africa. Fans are also less aware of the fact that Charlize did not intend to be an actress at all rather, she had always wanted to be a dancer.

She had never intended on pursuing acting

When she was just 16-years-old, Charlize and her Mom moved to Milan, Italy. Charlize had been granted a modeling contract, which does not surprise us at all, considering her natural and effortless good looks.  She then moved countries again this time to the United States, where she intended on studying dance. However, after an injury seemed to end her dream of becoming a dancer, she decided it was time to pursue acting in the City of Angels, Los Angeles.

Catapulted into fame

Theron started to make a name for herself in the film industry back in the late '90's. It was her small role as an assassin dressed in lingeries in the 1996 film, "2 Days in the Valley," which brought her instant attention.  It was only a year later that Tom Hanks casted Charlize in "Trial and Error" and "That Thing you Do!" This essentially catapulted her into more high profile movies, where Charlize was granted the opportunity to play alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood at the time.

Becoming a movie star

In 1997, Charlize acted alongside Al Pacino and Keanu Reaves in the 1997 movie directed by Taylor Hackford, "The Devil's Advocate." It was not long before Charlize was chosen to headline her own movie.  In 1998, she was cast to play the lead actor of the Disney film "Mighty Joe Young." It felt like the world had planned for Charlize to do great things, and everything was finally in place for her to achieve success.

The multitalented queen

If we were to crown Charlie Theron with any title, we would have to say that she is truly one multitalented queen. Since breaking into the acting industry back in the late '90s, Charlize had been the star of a wide array of films that cross over multiple genres.  For her newer fans out there, we feel like it is worth mentioning her more recent renowned movies like "Snow White & The Huntsman," as well as "Mad Max: Fury Road."

She does not follow the crowd

Judging by the way that she broke into her acting stardom with so much ease and grace, it can not be said about Charlize Theron that she enjoys following the status quo. This is even extended to her oldest child, Jackson Theron.  When Charlize adopted Jackson as a baby, she introduced her child to the world as her son. Well, for quite a number of years, there have been rumors going around that Jackson has been raised as a girl.

Charlize did not hide anything

As expected in Hollywood, not even the children of celebs are safe from extreme scrutiny and gossip. When photographs emerged of Jackson with long, braided hair and wearing dresses and skirts, the Hollywood gossips got quite excited with this interesting information and started to question what Charlize was up to.  But on one sunny day in Beverley Hills, one of the gossipmongers finally had the guts to approach Charlize about it, and the star could not have been more matter-of-fact.

Taking her children seriously

Charlize clarified that she was not only raising Jackson as a girl, but she also said that her eldest child was no less of a girl than her younger daughter, August Theron.  Charlize told this source that she had also assumed that Jackson was a boy, but when her child was around 3, she had turned to Charlize and simply stated that she was not a boy - a statement which Charlize had taken very respectfully and seriously.

All she wants is for her children to succeed

Just like any parent, Charlize had said that her singular goal in life was to see her children thrive and to protect them as they grow up.  It seems like Charlize has quite the handle on being a Mom, with her approaching parenting with an apparent air of ease and comfort. She said that it is not up to her who her daughters want to be when they grow up and where in the world they choose to find themselves.

Her role as a Mom

The actress sees her role as a parent as one of support and love. Charlize has stated that all she wants to do is to celebrate her children and give them all that she can in order to enable them to become the people they want to be.  All that Charlize wants is for her children to have this right growing up, and to be allowed to made decisions based on this goal with all of the protection she can offer.

Beneath the sunny surface

We had made the assumption that Charlize's seemingly natural disposition when it comes to motherhood all boils down to the fact that the star appears to have such a sunny exterior.  Her wide smile and easy laugh is not something that she hides from the cameras, so we do not think that it was such a far of guess. However, the star has had quite the troubled life which has led her up to this point.

Growing up in South Africa

For starters, there is the fact that Charlize was raised in South Africa during the apartheid era. She was quoted saying in an interview back in 2019 that she had not experienced what atrocities were involved with an apartheid until she was 12 or 13.  It was then that Charlize began attending an art school in Johannesburg, where she was witness to the horrible situation that had been occurring around her during all these years.

Realizing her trauma only later

As with most people who have experienced some sort of trauma, Charlize had no idea that how affected she had been from these experiences as a child. Well, when she was dealing with a failing relationship during her mid-30s, she had sought out help from a therapist.  It was only at this stage in her life that the therapist was able to pinpoint that a lot of what was happening in her current life was intrinsically connected back to her life in South Africa.

She had been deeply affected

Charlize had realized, along with her therapist, that although she had been trying to save a relationship, this was merely the surface level results of what was brewing beneath.  She had recognized that she had quite a lot of trauma from what she had seen when she was a much younger child in apartheid-era South Africa. Charlize had been quite surprised to figure this all out, as she had never really thought she had been so deeply affected.

Carrying this load forever

The actress had to come to terms with the fact that she had been granted opportunities and privileges which were so many in her country were obviously deprived of, just because of the color of their skin.  It was not a hidden fact, nor was it brushed off as being blamed on something else it was as blatant as that. Charlize has stated that this knowledge was "a lot for me to carry." She says that for the rest of her life, she will still be carrying this.

Her parenting is impacted by her childhood

However, Charlize attributes the country she grew up in as being one of the driving forces behind the way that she approaches parenting.  She says that her Mom had always taught her to never be like the people that she had been surrounded by in her country as a child living "with half-truths and lies and whispers and nobody said anything outright." Charlize says that it was her Mom who taught her that nothing negative can come from speaking and living your truth.

A tragic and dramatic start

Tragically, though, Charlize's trauma is not just from the country she was born in, but her early-life was filled with its' fair share of horrible experiences. Growing up on the outskirts of Johannesburg and living on a remote farm was not an easy start to life for Charlize.  Her father was a substance abuser, who could get pretty rough with Charlize's Mom, Gerda. From a young age, Charlize was witness to these terrible situations occurring regularly.

Her Mom, the hero

Things in young Charlize's home became increasingly worse. Then, the final day of these tragic events came when Charlize was around 15 years old. Her Dad, Charles, returned home from work in quite a rage.  He was obviously armed, waving a weapon around, and was threatening both Charlize's Mom, Gerda, as well as Charlize herself. This was the final breaking point for Gerda, to watch her husband threaten her daughter, and she courageously leapt into action.

Looking up to Gerda

In an act of self-defense, in front of her daughter, Gerda ended her husband's life. The constant threatening figure in their life now no longer could hurt them and Gerda had saved her daughter.

Living with her role model

Charlize really sees her Mom as being the ultimate superwoman, and knowing the back story as to why she sees her to be that way explains it all.  Charlize has commented that she feels really blessed to have a close relationship with one of her parents, and that when she was a young girl, her Mom had led by a great example as to what a woman could achieve. She explains that her Mom took everything in stride, doing whatever needed to get done without crying about it.

Superwoman Mama

From the way that Charlize describes the situation following her father's passing, it sounds like her Mom refused to allow things to fall apart. It was not like the family had any money they were actually in major debt, with every bank chasing her Mom down to pay them back.  Well, either her Mom can be called Superwoman or Supermom, because she somehow managed to do it. Although it took 5 years, she managed to pay all her debts.

Wanting to be like Gerda

Not only did Gerda pay back her late husband's debts, but she also took over his construction firm. Charlize recalls seeing her Mom put on her power suit and wear her heels as she marched into run the board meeting that was taking place with around 8 guys was an impactful sight.  She says that she would just look at her Mom with awe, jaw dropped open, and immediately knew that she wanted to follow in her footsteps.

A fearless woman

It was seeing the way that Gerda interacted with the challenges thats she was faced with which made Charlize completely fearless about that fact that she was a woman.  Growing up, Charlize did not even realize that women are not always respected across all fields something she had to figure out and deal with only once she was in her early 20's and on her own, venturing into the big and scary world of Hollywood.

What the modern woman looks like

Once Charlize had to prove to the world that she could be a woman and achieve success did she formulate her opinion on what it means to be a "real modern woman."  She has said that she believes a modern woman is someone who enjoys her femininity, and wants to be respected and appreciated for it. Yet, on the other hand, the modern woman does not want her femininity to hold her back and stop her from achieving her full potential.

Silence breeds negativity

Perhaps it is Charlize's determination to be presented as this strong and capable woman which empowers her to speak openly and honestly about her past, as well as comment on more taboo, contemporary topics.  The way that she is so brave about these things makes her appear so strong and less vulnerable, even after she has disclosed things that would generally threaten people's confidence and strength. Charlize believes that being silent is one way ticket to breeding negativity and shame.

She has been through a lot

It is possibly with the motivation of speaking up that Charlize has been so brave to open up about traumas other than her childhood. Although it is quite terrible that one individual has endured so much, we can not help but admire Charlize's strength and resilience, despite facing all of these adversaries.  The actress has been a victim of harassment from quite a well known, albeit unnamed, Hollywood director something she is still very affected by, understandably.  The actress has been a victim of harassment from quite a well known, albeit unnamed, Hollywood director something she is still very affected by, understandably.  Charlize, who was barely an adult at the time, subsequently experienced some really inappropriate behavior from this director. Once again, Charlize had been the victim of a situation that has left some deep-rooted consequences and has affected her greatly to this day.

Women are left unresolved as the victim

Charlize has commented that with this sort of situation, the victim is constantly in waiting mode. They are waiting for the time to arrive for them to feel that sense of closure, and receive the opportunity to speak up.  However, no matter how long these women wait for this moment to arrive, it never actually happens. Sadly, there is often no chance for closure and many women are left feeling diminished, wounded, traumatized and unresolved.

Named by Charlize, but purposely unnamed by the media

In fact, although we have said that the director who behaved inappropriately with Charlize was unnamed, this is not entirely true. The name of this director has been purposely left out by the media, despite Charlize herself having told reporters explicitly who it was that had harassed her back in 1994.  She has said that the media leaving out this director's name from these reports is just a representation of how flawed and systematic this issue is.

One day the truth will come out

Although, Charlize is certainly not a woman who is willingly placed in the back seat. Indeed, she is quite the fighter and has assured everyone that she believes one day she will share her story and experience with harassment with complete honesty and transparency, as she always has.  She said that women, every single day, experience psychological damage. This is generally done with just the way people talk, which constantly puts women down and makes them feel threatened.

She is far from the victim

However, Charlize herself is far from presenting herself as being a victim. In fact, she has always appeared to rise above these challenges. We think that it is fairly safe to say that not only is Charlize a powerful woman, but she is also one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood.  Despite this, Charlize has admitted many times that her romantic life has been pretty disappointing, which is not what we would expect from this celebrated beauty.

No romantic luck for Charlize

Charlize has said that even during high school she had no romantic luck. She said that the hot guy she had a crush on when she was younger "totally ignored me."

After she had that heartbreaking experience, Charlize recalls sobbing into her pillow and listening to sad music for hours on end, until her Mom told her she wanted the tape to burn out. Since then, she has always gone for the nerds, a type she is still attracted to until today.

Adopting has always been the plan

Having kids had always been a part of Charlize's plan, and she had always wanted to do this by adopting at least one child.  Back in 2010, when her 8-year relationship with the Irish actor Stuart Townsend came to an end, Jackson came in Charlize's life. She had said that even if she had kids of her own and was in a relationship, she would have also wanted to take this route of having kids.

It is not so simple

Despite there perhaps being a misconception that adoption is taken more lightly than pregnancy, Charlize wants to debunk that.  She said that it is so unreasonable to think that you wake up one day and you decide to adopt a baby, as though you are deciding to purchase a new item of clothing, or order a coffee at your local cafť. You do not return that same day with a baby in your arms from the adoption agency.

Charlize, the besotted Mom

Rather than it being such a casual consideration, Charlize has said that there is a lot of practical and emotional time and effort that goes into adopting a child. But, even after going through all of that, she has said that "it's worth it for the little slice of heaven on toast who is Jackson."

Well, we can see that Charlize is totally besotted by her two adopted babies, and is constantly seen as the doting and caring mother.

A shift in her dating mindset

These days, Charlize's top relationship is the one she has with her kids. Since splitting from her last serious relationship with Sean Penn back in 2015, Charlize has yet to see someone on more than just a casual basis.  She has said that she has stopped starting every relationship off by questioning whether they will be good with her kids and what her Mom will think of the guy, but rather with whether or not they get along as just friends.

The tough reality of being a strong woman

Charlize has said that her status as an independent, strong and successful woman can make it pretty difficult to get those relationships to last longer.  She feels like there were times in her life that she had presented herself as being less, or has over-compromised in the relationship, in order to make it work. This has been true for things like her physical stature, or her focus on taking her career to the next level.

An end to the compromises

After constantly feeling inadequate in her relationships, Charlize realized that she would rather be single and not resent someone for not allowing her to achieve her fullest potential.  After all, it does sound pretty horrible to be resenting someone that you are working so hard to win the approval of. When she made that switch in her mindset, although she began to date less frequently, she gained a lot of self confidence and belief in herself.

Where did her awkward stage go?

It is her experience with her beauty which has given Charlize the impression that having these striking looks can be a curse as much as they can be a blessing.  It is not every day that a 16-year-old is given a modeling contract like Charlize was, which says a lot about the way she looked, even at a young age, when most of us were going through our horrible awkward stages of acne and braces.

Beauty, the most complicated relationship of them all

Despite being so pretty, Charlize has said that she has always had a "very complicated relationship with my beauty."

She has commented that it felt like when she was younger, she felt like she was always seen as merely being a beautiful face. 
Only in the last 10 years or so has she become comfortable with her striking looks and feels less self-conscious to prove that she is more than that when she walks into a room.


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I'm shocked she has gotten away with allowing her son dress as a girl for so long.